Kickstarter - Dreams of the Last Butterflies


Kickstarter - Dreams of the Last Butterflies

I had written awhile back about a short I was doing with some friends. We've had a Kickstarter up for about a month and there is now 48 hours left with a little less than 10 grand to go. The whole Kickstarter process has been very interesting and informative and I feel like will only become a more mainstream method for seeking finance on small but meaningful projects like this. The director has created quite an elaborate media package that can be seen on Kickstarter >>> and on Tumblr >>> 

The beauty of this is that with clever self promotion through sites like these, the DIY spirit now has so many possible avenues to success. 


on 2012-08-18 18:00 by Ben Cain


Congrats to Zina Brown. See you in October!